The University officials of FEU Manila and FEU Tech have decided to call off classes today (July 31, 2014) due to a suspected bomb threat. #vscocam #vsco #feu #feumanila #feutech (at Far Eastern University- Morayta)

Wicked Wednesday!! #vsco#vscocam #potd #feu #greenandgold (at FEU Freedom Park)

I don’t want to do anything. I don’t want to be anything. I want to disappear elegantly. I want people to look for my goodbye note and find nothing but smoke. —How To Disappear (And Never Come Back Again) | Lora Mathis (via lora-mathis)

Go Hye Mi x Do Min Joon #별에서온그대 #고혜미 #송삼동 #도민준  #수지 #김수현  (at SBS)

Wish you were here @eserehtsevilla :) #vscocam #vsco (at Kingsville Executive Subdivision - Clubhouse)

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Wish you were here @eserehtsevilla :) #vscocam #vsco (at Kingsville Subdivision)

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The eyes are one of the most powerful tools a woman can have. With one look, she can relay the most intimate message. After the connection is made, words cease to exist. #vscocam #vsco (at V.Mapa Sta Mesa Manila)

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11 years apart. make it look like only 2-3 years apart. 

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Love changes everyone: Athena Dizon (2/2)

"I love you, even if you've hurt me countless of times, I still love
you. Even if we had only spent a small amount of time together, and
even in the afterlife, I'll still love you. And I'm so tired; but I
know that you'll fight for me, you'll fight for us.

Kenji, I love you so much; always, forever."
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I have watched a lot of Filipino movies throughout my existence. Each made an impact. Some disappointed me, some made me cry, some gave me butterflies in my stomach, some made me laugh. But this, this movie, made me feel everything there is to feel.

SDTG, starring the love-team above, Kathryn Bernardo (Athena Dizon) and Daniel Padilla (Kenji de los Reyes), is a movie about two misfits having found their greatest love with each other. All started with a pretend story of the two being a fake couple to make Kenji’s ex-girlfriend jealous. Eventually, both fell in the trap of love. Athena, suffering from a heart disease, did not tell anything to Kenji. The story goes when when Kenji found out the his ex-girlfriend has cancer and was forced to choose his ex over Athena. Their story ended there. Now here’s the twist. Those two right the the picture, are actually the son of Kenji and the niece of Athena. These two were on the search of Kenji and Athena’s greatest love and ended up knowing that Kenji’s love to his son is the greatest love. They were both in a mission to make Kenji meet Athena before she dies. They eventually succeeded but unfortunately when the two met, Athena died in Kenji’s arms. On the other side of the story, those two from the picture, found their greatest love, with each other, too.

Overall, I think this will be the kind of movie people will ought to love.

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If there’s a force greater than love, it’s TIME. —Kenji, She’s Dating the Gangster (via jemisawesome)
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Movie #120: She’s Dating the Gangster (2014)

  • It all started when 17-year-old Athena Dizon unwittingly plays a trick on resident heartthrob and bad boy, Kenji de los Reyes. All of a sudden, she finds herself pretending—unwillingly at that—to be his girlfriend to make his ex jealous. Now, not only does she have to deal with dirty looks from the girls in school who want Kenji for themselves, but her supposed boyfriend is getting on her nerves. He’s hotheaded, never seems to agree with her on anything—and everything about him screams gangster. Has Athena gotten herself into more trouble than she can handle? Or has she actually found herself a boy she can call hers—gangster be damned?" -Source
  • UNFAIR. THIS MOVIE IS UNFAIR. =))))) Because I really liked it. Well definitely not how I would end it but I really liked the rest of the movie.
  • Though they still look confused at the concept of a “gangster.”
  • The Cast (The casting itself might be a spoiler though!): Athena Dizon-young (Kathryn Bernardo), Athena Dizon-old (Dawn Zulueta) Kelay (Kathryn Bernardo), Kenji Delos Reyes-Young (Daniel Padilla), Kenji Delos Reyes-old (Richard Gomez), Lucas-Young (Kahlil Ramos), Lucas-old (Ian Veneracion), Abigail (Sofia Andres)
  • The format and flow of the movie: From the trailer, we can already see that Kathryn and Daniel plays two characters - a past version and a present version of themselves. Their connection isn’t that hard to figure out. I like the format because two stories were running at the same time. It was past-present-past-present-conclusion. I do wish that there were more natural parallelism between the two stories. It felt a bit pushed.
  • The Cliche: There were still a lot of cliche scenes like makeover scenes (but with a twist and a group of really bitchy bullies. There were scenes that felt so “A Walk to Remember" + "The Fault in Our Stars”.
  • Though I think that the two movies that I really remember from She’s Dating The Gangster are “Hihintayin Kita sa Langit" (also starring Richard Gomez & Dawn Zulueta) & "Blue Moon."
  • Nevertheless, She’s Dating the Gangster have its own marks - elements that separated it from those other stories. It had the element of this generation - the decade’s quirkiness, the never-ending banters, the lovely insults, the bad boy charms, and of course, Kathryn Bernardo & Daniel Padilla.
  • Chemistry: Real or not, nobody can deny the chemistry of Kathryn & Daniel and their ability to make people swoon, scream, or basically just make people feel a lot of emotions. They’re really improving in terms of acting.
  • I really swear that the character, Kenji Delos Reyes is the most maltreated person in this movie. Everything that happened to him is just unfair. 
  • Supporting characters: I wish that Kahlil Ramos & Sofia Andres had more scenes and speaking parts. They would have made Athena and Kenji’s love story stronger. Also, it would have been helpful to have an adult Sara. She was such a lovely character.
  • *SPOILERS START* I really love the fact that they were really telling the story of Richard and Dawn because they’re one of my all time favorite loveteams. *SPOILERS END* 
  • In the end, “She’s Dating the Gangster" is about being honest with yourself and with what you really want in life. Sometimes, you can’t deny yourself anymore of the love that you deserve. There are some things that you cannot help and there are things that you can. It teaches us that when we give someone the power to make us happy, we also give them the power to make us sad. The love, care, and affection that we feel for them can be the most powerful motivation or the worst life sucker. 
  • I am such a sucker for these sappy love stories. Oh gosh, I am such a fucking hopeless romantic. Or maybe I’m hopeless, period.
  • My list of favorite lines:
  1. "Kailangan ba talaga pag nagmamahal ka, nasasaktan ka rin?"
  2. "Tumaya ka lang."
  3. "Gusto ko na ‘tong itigil kasi nagiging totoo na. Totoong nagugustuhan na kita."
  4. "Natatakot ako… kasi gustong gusto ko."
  5. "I can’t breathe."
  6. And that line about finding strength to live with the love of the people around you. HEHE.
  • So definitely a must watch for me HAHA. I was so originally not a fan of Kathryn-Daniel (though I’ve watched all their movies HAHA).
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She’s Dating The Gangster book, which was written by Bianca Bernardino (SGwannabe), is beautiful. Very. And, She’s Dating The Gangster the movie is beautiful as well! Oh my god. My heart. I’m crying.

Actually I cried. I cried for the movie more than I cried for TFIOS the movie. Actually I didn’t quite cry at all for the latter.

SDTG always makes me cry. The first time I read it, during third year high school (and I’m already onto third year college now), tears gushed forth from my swollen eyes. I didn’t sleep even if I had classes next thing in the morning. It was that.. it is THAT beautiful.

The second time I read it, I thought I’m not gonna cry anymore. I was so wrong.

SDTG hurts. But it hurts in a really, really good way. It may be masochistic but really, you would want to be hurt over and over again, if it’s SDTG that’s doing the hurting. Just like love.. I think.

SDTG is so beautiful. Oh my god. Thank God for this story. Thank God for the author. Thank God they made a movie out of it.

My sister and I watched it today. I kind of hesitated at first because it has already become so mainstream and I hate mainstream. But I got over it anyway. We fell in line, and we were offered two options upon payment: top seats or bottom seats. Since I have already learned my lessons, I opted for quality.

But it turned out, no one is regulating the seats inside. Even if you paid for the bottom seat, you can still go upstairs. Which was kind of unfair. Now I have learned a new lesson.

But then again, we were given free popcorns and tap cards which we can just reload next time. The free popcorns helped a lot because we didn’t have time anymore to buy food. It turned out that the seats were first come first serve and I was able to save a seat for my sister.

Oh god. The movie was really beautiful. At first I was cynical and dismayed when I saw the trailer when I watched TFIOS. But now, I was wrong. I was so wrong. It may be a local movie, it may have already been mainstream, but it was still beautiful. It may have had inconsistencies with the book (as with all other film adaptations of books), but it was okay. It was really okay. I cried. I fucking cried. No one and not many can make me cry.

As the movie was ending, Daniel and Karthryn were about to kiss but the screen already blacked out and all of the audience squealed!!! Even I and my sister!!! I discovered from my sister that they still haven’t kissed before in shows, in dramas, in movies, or in public for that matter. AND THEY STILL HAVEN’T KISSED THIS TIME!! KAJNSFJKBASJKFBAJSFBKJ!!!!!

The setting of the past was really kind of jeje and retro but it was really colorful and I liked it. I like how pretty Karthryn is. I like how bibo she is. I like how she is so good at acting. I hope she gets better and improve as an actress.

Oh my god. The feels. Just the feels please. I really want to read SDTG again. I hope there is still a copy lurking somewhere in the Internet even if it was already published. I would really want to relive the book again.

Oh for the love of books! And stories!!! I really cannot live without them!!!

I tried to hug my sister after but she did not let me. Haha. I hate you sister.

I kind of wished though that they also kind of gave some story about the friends of Kenji and Athena, but never mind. It was still okay. It already ran for two hours.

Now, my favorite part of the movie. Athena (Karthryn) just have had her heart disease attack. She pleadingly asked Kenji (Daniel) to stop what is going on with them already. To stop the deal already. But Kenji didn’t want Athena to “break up” with him. Kenji said that in the end, no one really wanted to be with him and walked out. Athena followed him, and then it got along the lines that Athena already wanted to end their “relationship” because she was already falling hard for Kenji, and Kenji answered:

"Ako ba hindi?"

Oh my god I swear all of the audience swooned at that. It was really laJKNASJKFBASKJFBKJASBFKJASBFKAWEIOTHUI!!!!!!!!! Then blah blah blah and then what Athena said really touched my heart:

"Natatakot ako.. kasi gusto ko, gustung-gustung-gusto ko."

I died.

I died the first time I read SDTG. I died the second time. And now I died again.

Oh for the love of books.

I miss Kenji and Athena. :(((((

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